Ongoing workshop grants

The list below contains all ongoing NOS-HS workshop grants.

Workshops, call 2016


Titel Project manager University
Nordic Literary History Now Jens Lohfert Jørgensen Aalborg University
Comparative local government in the Nordic Region Matthew Loftis Aarhus University
Practices of death: memory, governance, and religious change Ulla Schmidt Aarhus University
Gateways to Europe – the cultural heritage of manors and country houses in a European perspective Mikael Frausing Danish Centre for Country House and Estate Research
The philosophy and practice of improvisation (IMPROV) Mikko Salmela University of Helsinki
Promoting capacities for innovation and change: Project driven innovations in a Nordic governance context Stefan Sjöblom University of Helsinki
From cradle to grave: Alcohol-related harm and associated social inequalities from a life-course perspective Christoffer Tigerstedt National Institute for Health and Welfare
Contact zones in the Nordic countries: multilingualism, mobility, and diversifying diversity Sirpa Leppänen University of Jyväskylä
The Remediation of Education (REED) Tuomo Hiippala University of Jyväskylä
New developments in organizational interventions, new evaluation models – a Nordic, multi-disciplinary co-creation approach Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz Karolinska Institutet
Moving Towards the Responsible University? A cross-disciplinary network on higher education’s role in the context of growing social and economic inequalities Lars Geschwind KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Significant others – informal social networks between policy and everyday life Bella Marckmann University of Copenhagen
A new Nordic Model of Sustainable Transport for all? Gendering knowledge, methodology and innovation. Hilda Rømer Christensen University of Copenhagen
Reason and Affect in Divided Societies: The Nordic Case Lars Tønder University of Copenhagen
Language and social mobility. Exploring the role of language for socially mobile people in the Nordic countries Pia Quist University of Copenhagen
No-Les-Law URSKA SADL University of Copenhagen
The role of context and embeddedness for entrepreneurship Caroline Wigren Lund University
Children’s migration in historical and cross-cultural perspectives Tatek Abebe Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Instruments of State Power: History and Theory (ISPO) Ole Jacob Sending Norwegian Institute of International Affairs
Nostalgia in Contemporary European Culture Eric Sandberg University of Oulu
The embodied self, health and emerging technologies: Implications for gender and identity Lisa Käll Stockholm University
Nordic Exceptionalism in International Criminal Justice: Myth and Reality Magnus Hörnqvist Stockholm University
Nordic Energy Transitions: Past, Present and Future Brooks Kaiser University of Southern Denmark
Participatory theatre in the design of public services Henry Larsen University of Southern Denmark
GAMEWORK: Game Production Studies Initiative Olli Sotamaa University of Tampere
Educating Humanity.Rethinking ethical-political education (Bildung) Torill Strand University of Oslo

Workshops, call 2015


Title Project manager University  
Psykisk sjukdom och social ojämlikhet: Jämförande studier av klassperspektiv i nordisk forskning om psykisk ohälsa från 1950- till 2000-tal Jari Eilola Jyväskylän yliopisto
Globalisering, kosmopolitanism och migration Elin Palm Linköpings universitet
The Hansa in the North – Cultural and Social Transformations. A Reassessment Christian Krötzl Tampereen yliopisto
DAVA: Domestic Animals in the Viking Age. Migration, trade, environmental adaptation and the potential of multidisciplinary studies Juha Kantanen Itä-Suomen yliopisto
Social media from Nordic to global contexts: Digital data, methods, and analyses Marjut Johansson Turun yliopisto
Local Impacts of Changing International Borders Jeremy Smith Itä-Suomen yliopisto
Sociokulturella aspekter av klimatförändringen Kristinn Schram Háskóli Íslands
Rekonstruktion av välfärdspraktiker för unga arbetslösa Ilse Julkunen Helsingin yliopisto
 The Future of Feminisms in the Nordic Region Pauline Stoltz  Aalborg Universitet
Feminist Peace Research Network Tarja Väyrynen Tampereen yliopisto
Borderscapes, memory and migration: cultural representations of forced migration Karina Horsti Jyväskylän yliopisto
Rethinking Youth Employment – Work, Policy and the Changing Welfare State in the Nordic Countries Lena Näre Helsingin yliopisto
Democratic experiments:  Crowdsourcing, public consultation and epistemic democracy. Public participation in policy- and decision-making Jon Olafsson Háskóli Íslands
Att Förstå Kärnan genom Skalning av Begrepp: Analys av Hungersnöd i deras Historiska Sammanhang Timo Myllyntaus Turun yliopisto
Nye Første Verdenskrigserindringer – erindringens tektonik i Europa Tea Andersen Københavns Universitet
Mediation Research in Scandinavia – where are we now and where are we going? Lin Adrian Københavns Universitet
The Political Psychology of European Integration Julie Hassing Nielsen Københavns Universitet
Mångkulturalism, kulturell homogenitet och samhällelig säkerhet i Norden och i Estland Suvi Keskinen Turun yliopisto
Káfastallat May-Britt Öhman Uppsala universitet
Ökande Olikskap Annick Prieur Aalborg Universitet
Nordiska forskningsnätverket om barn, barndom och familj Susanne Garvis Göteborgs universitet
Shared Histories of Italian Opera in the Nordic Countries:  Migration, Cultural Transfer and Urban Spaces (18th-19th Centuries) Christine Jeanneret Københavns Universitet

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