The call for NOP-HS Grant for Nordic Scientific Journal will open on August 16

The Nordic Board for Periodicals in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOP-HS) invites proposals for funding of Nordic scientific journals within the humanities and social sciences. The NOP-HS supports open access Nordic journals of highest scientific quality that promote renewal within their fields and aim to promote the dissemination of qualified research results. NOP-HS is a sub-board to the Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS). The budget allocated for the call is approximately 3,5 million SEK.

The call will open on August 16, at 2 PM.

The call text and the instructions for how to apply will be published on the NOS-HS webpage for calls for proposals when the call opens.

We would already like to draw your attention to a few important issues related to the application process:

  1. Your journal must have a broad Nordic editorial board with members from at least three Nordic countries.
  2. Your journal must be in open access.
  3. You apply through Prisma, the grant application system of The Swedish Research Council. You can already create a user account in Prisma and start filling in your personal information. You can start writing your application when the call becomes visible in the list of calls for proposals in Prisma at 2 PM on August 16.
  4. All applicants must create user profiles in Prisma and fill in their personal information and CV. This information will then be linked to your application. You will not be able to submit the application without it.
  5. The grant must be administered by a Nordic university, Nordic Higher Education Institution, or another Nordic public organisation that fulfils the Swedish Research Council’s requirements for administrating organisations. All approved administrating organisations have an organisation account in Prisma. If your organisation does not yet have an organisation account, they should create one as soon as possible. It may take up to two weeks to get a new administrating organisation approved and the organisation account activated. You cannot submit your application before your organisation has been approved. Many Swedish universities and research institutes already have organisation accounts in Prisma. Concerning organisations in the other Nordic countries, check the list of currently approved Nordic (not Swedish) administrating organisation here. You can always contact your administrating organisation to find out if they have an organisation account in Prisma.

More information and instructions on how to apply will be published on August 16. The call will close on September 19 at 2 PM.

Take a look at the Prisma user manual and the Frequently Asked Questions to get help related to the application system!

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