Three frequently asked questions concerning the workshop call

Many researchers are contacting us concerning their NOS-HS Workshop grant applications. Here you can find the three most common questions, with answers.

1. How do I add my (and the participating researchers’) CV in the application?
The applicant and the participating researchers must all personally add their CV information into the application. The applicant cannot add CV information on behaf of the participating researchers.

This is how you do it:
First, log into your personal Prisma account. Go to “My profile” and add the relevant information under Educational history and Professional history. Then navigate to “Applications and grants” and open your application draft from the list of Applications. When in the application, select the tab CV and click on the Edit-button below your name to transfer the CV information from your profile into the application.

2. How do I add publications in the application?
You add the publication list under the tab Publications (PDF) in your application. Note that you can only attach one PDF-file. This file should contain the publication lists of the applicant and the both participating researchers.

Make sure to use the Publications (PDF) tab. The tab Publications is not used in this call!

3. How many participating researchers can I/must I add?
You must add exactly two participating researchers. If you add fewer, you will not fill the requirements of the call. On the other hand, the system will not allow you to add more than two participating researchers. Note that the applicant and the participating researchers must together represent three different Nordic countries. Additional participants are listed in the participant list.

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