The Nordic Board for Periodicals in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOP-HS) invites proposals for funding of Nordic scientific journals within the humanities and social sciences. The NOP-HS supports open access Nordic journals of highest scientific quality that promote renewal within their fields and aim to promote the dissemination of qualified research results. NOP-HS is a sub-board to the Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NOS-HS).


Type of grant NOP-HS Scientific journal grant 2018
Objective The aim of the grant is to promote the dissemination of qualified research results within the humanities and social sciences. The NOP-HS supports open access Nordic journals of highest scientific quality that promote renewal within their research fields.
Subject field Humanities and Social Sciences
Applicant status Editor or editor-in-chief, must hold doctoral degree
Grant period One year, from 2019-01-01 to 2019-12-31 or
two years, from 2019-01-01 to 2020-12-31
Grant amount Small grant: 30 000 SEK per year
Medium grant: 60 000 SEK per year
Large grant: 120 000 SEK per year
Total call budget 2 750 000 SEK
Call deadline 2018-09-25, at 14.00
Grant decisions published Beginning of December 2018
Grant start 2019-01-01
Where to apply Prisma, the Swedish Research Council’s application system

Grant Application Requirements

The NOS-HS secretariat including NOP-HS is located in Sweden from 2015 to 2018 and will be subject to Swedish administrative law accordingly. This means that any application or applicant that does not fulfil the guidelines and criteria of the call may be rejected at any time and not processed further. The grant funding from the NOP-HS is subject to the availability of appropriate funds in the budget of NOP-HS.

The applicant

The grant is open for editors or editors-in-chiefs of open access Nordic journals within the humanities and social sciences. The editor/editor-in-chief must hold a Nordic doctoral degree or an equivalent foreign degree.

The journal

To be eligible for the NOP-HS scientific journal grant, your journal must:

  • Have a broad Nordic editorial board with members from at least three Nordic countries. The editorial board must be responsible for the journal’s policies and a majority of the members must hold a Nordic doctoral degrees or equivalent foreign degrees. The editorial board should be composed of scientific experts and be representative of the journal’s scientific domain. An editorial advisory board is not equal to an editorial board.
  • Have a review system with external quality control. All submitted material must be reviewed by at least two scientific experts independent of the editorial team.
  • Be electronically accessible.
  • Have abstracts in English for all published articles.

Your journal must also be open access:

The NOP-HS requires that the scientific articles published with its support are open access. It means, in brief, that the articles can be found via a search on the Internet and can be read by everyone, free of charge. The journal must be fully open access from the first issue of 2019, following the golden open access model. Open access following the gold model means that the journal is published immediately as open access on the internet.

Administrating organisation

The grant must be administered by a Nordic university, a Nordic higher education institution or other Nordic public organisation that fulfils the Swedish Research Council’s requirements for administrating organisations and have an organisation account in Prisma. To be approved as an administrating organisation at the Swedish Research Council, an organisation must:

  • Carry out research.
  • Guarantee academic freedom within the framework for its mandate by allowing free choice of research problems, free development of research methods and free publication of research findings.
  • Ensure that the findings of research carried out with support from the research councils are made freely available both to other researchers and to interested members of the general public and companies.

An administrating organisation must not:

  • Be an organisational unit carrying out financial activities.

Register an organisation account here

Please note that you will not be able to submit your application unless your organisation has been approved by the Swedish Research Council. Make sure you create an account in time as approvals may take up to two weeks.

Allowed costs

The grant may be used to cover all costs directly related to the journal, for example graphic production costs, electronic publishing and distribution costs, language revision costs and operation costs.

Grant period

The grant is awarded for either one year or for two years starting January 1st 2019. Any remaining funds may be used for up to an additional six months after the grant period has ended.

Two year grants are reserved for established journals with stable finances.

Financial report

For all grants funded by the NOP-HS, a financial report must be presented each year within the prescribed deadlines.

If you have received funding from the NOP-HS before, the final financial report for the previous grant should have been submitted within the prescribed deadline according to your contract. If this has not been done, please submit the report immediately. If a final financial report is not sent in, your current application may be rejected.

You cannot apply for funding from NOP-HS if you have an ongoing grant after 2018.

Grant sizes

The grant is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. State in the application form which grant you apply for. The NOP-HS reserves the right to move an application to a different grant category when this category is deemed more suitable.

Small grant: 30 000 SEK per year

A grant for newly established journals that cannot yet show great impact and other journals with lower budget, which nevertheless make a convincing case of the journal’s quality and the need for the journal.

Medium grant: 60 000 SEK per year

For journals publishing less than three issues and 300 pages per year. One issue is expected to contain a minimum of three refereed articles.

Large grant: 120 000 SEK per year

For established, stable journals publishing at least three issues and 300 pages per year. One issue is expected to contain a minimum of three refereed articles.

Evaluation of applications

The evaluation of the applications is done by active researchers representing all Nordic countries who are members of the NOP-HS committee. All applications will be assessed on their quality, impact and stability. Aspects considered in the evaluation include:

  • Does the journal have a Nordic or international orientation with a broad range of both Nordic authors and readers?
  • Is the journal regularly indexed in international databases?
  • What is the ranking level and impact factor of the journal?
  • What is the share of refereed scientific articles of all published content?
  • What is the accept rate for articles submitted on authors’ initiative?
  • How important is the journal in relation to other existing Nordic journals within that field?

The size of active readership must be documented by average number of downloads per article. Journals with authors from only one Nordic country will not be funded by the NOP-HS.

Journals that receive funding from the NOP-HS are regularly assessed by independent experts. Some of the journals that apply for funding under this call will be subject to external assessment during the grant period. Especially journals that are applying for funding from NOP-HS for the first time, or have not received grants in the previous two years may be subject to external assessment.


The grant decisions of the NOP-HS committee will be made official in December 2018, with a list of successful applicants being published on the NOS-HS website. Additionally, all applicants will get a notification on their decision through Prisma.

Instructions for applying

You will find all information needed for applying by following the links below. We advise you to familiarize yourself with the instructions and the grant application system Prisma in good time before the call deadline. Application addenda will not be accepted after the deadline has passed.

If you do not fulfil the terms and conditions or have not followed the instructions of this call, your application may be rejected at any time and not processed further.

Please note that both the applicant and the administrating organisation must have accounts in Prisma for the application to be submitted successfully.

New administrating organisations must be approved by The Swedish Research Council, which may take up to two weeks.

NOP-HS general terms and conditions

Instructions for applying

Attachment A – Application details for NOP-HS Scientific Journal grants


Apply here – The call will open for applications on 22 August at 14.00!


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